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Minimize patient’s afford with Imagn Sleep Software which provides a modern and technology-driven approach to managing sleep patients.

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One-Click Medical Billing Integration

Imagn Sleep integrates with Imagn billing, accessible through the same cloud-based software. Users can easily create medical billing cases by clicking on an icon found in multiple locations. These cases are then submitted directly from Imagn Sleep to Imagn Billing, where they are efficiently managed from start to finish. The transfer of patient information and case documentation between the two platforms eliminates redundant steps, optimizing the billing process.


Self-Scoring Sleep Assessment

Our proprietary sleep disorder risk screening tool allows users to input patient information, including height, weight, and specific medical responses. Imagn Sleep assesses the answers and indicates if the patient is at risk for a sleep disorder. This convenient and standardized screening method can be completed within the software or on a tablet, empowering patients to easily fill it out themselves.


Auto-Populated Medical SOAP Notes

We streamline SOAP note documentation for dental practices, automating the generation of SOAP notes based on entered information. While still customizable, this feature significantly simplifies the time-consuming task of documenting information for insurance companies, especially for practices unfamiliar with SOAP note formats preferred by most medical insurances.


Treatment Plan Progress Tracking

Stay informed about your patient’s treatment progress with our intuitive pipelines that guide staff through sequential treatment steps. These pipelines provide checklists, preloaded consent forms, one-click links to medical billing, and more, ensuring at-a-glance information for the entire practice. This system safeguards against overlooking crucial steps, ensuring a comprehensive treatment process.

Ensure timely progression of your patient’s treatment with comprehensive tools that keep you informed on their progress. Stay updated with all the necessary resources to track and monitor treatment effectively.

Customer Referral Letter Generator

Simplify communication with referring physicians through our automatically generated summary letters. These pre-formatted letters include crucial information such as provider details, patient demographics, medical alerts, and home sleep test information. Referral letters can be fully customized at the practice and patient level to cater to specific needs. Easily send the letters via email directly from Imagn Sleep or choose to print them for convenience.


Home Sleep Test Scheduling Calendar

The Home Sleep Test calendar allows dental offices to efficiently schedule and manage sleep tests for their patients outside of the clinical setting, providing a convenient and flexible option for diagnosing sleep-related issues. Through the calendar, dental professionals can track and organize home sleep test appointments, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive approach to patient care.


Digital Patient Forms and Consent Signing

We have integrated digital Patient Consent Forms directly into our system, streamlining the process for dental offices to collect information and signatures. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, saving time and resources. The secure and user-friendly electronic signing process enhances workflow efficiency and ensures compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. Dental professionals can focus on providing exceptional care while benefiting from a modern and technology-driven approach to managing sleep patients.

By integrating digital Patient Consent Forms right into our system, we provide an increased level of ease so you do not have to leave the system to collect information and signatures.

Digital Patient Forms and Consent Signing


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No, you can remain out of network and bill medical insurance. Depending on the payer and plan type, benefits may be limited if you are OON. However, as an out-of-network provider, you are not subject to payer fee schedules or contractual adjustments.

Depending on the payer and the reason for treatment, any dental procedure could be covered by medical insurance. Some of the most common procedures covered under medical care:

◦ Implants.

◦ 3rd Molar Extractions.

◦ IV Sedation.

◦ Sleep/TMD Appliances.

◦ Trauma or Accidents.

◦ Exams and X-rays.

◦ Periodontal Treatment.

Like most things, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Providers are responsible for clinical documentation, identifying medical necessity, and code selection. Devdent offers a step-by-step training program that walks each team member through their role in medical billing.

All providers that bill medical insurance must be credentialed, whether in-network or out-of-network. Without credentialing, the medical payers will not recognize the provider’s information and will not process claims. Credentialing has nothing to do with contracts or fee schedules. Without proper credentialing, chances of success are very very low.

Imagn Billing is made up of three categories. First is the software portion, second is the support and training programs, and lastly is the 3rd party billing services. Depending on the package you choose, the monthly fee will vary.

Fill out this ‘Get My Free Assessment’ form and speak with one of our experts to see which plan is right for you and what your practice’s revenue potential could be.

It’s 9% of the allowed amount so if there is none paid we don’t get paid either.