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January 19, 2023 5 mins read

Week: 1/30

A patient fell into a bathtub and needed multiple teeth extracted, grafting, and implants. The patient completed an accident report form and was identified as a medical billing patient. Aetna paid 100% of the fees charged by the dental practice, saving the patient $33,000+ and increasing the practice profit.

Week: 1/30

In this Article

  •  State : NC
  • Amount Billed : 34,734.00
  • Amount Paid : 34,734.00
  • Insurance Carrier : Aetna

This patient presented with dental trauma, after he fell into the side of the bathtub, causing significant damage to the oral cavity.

The exam and radiographs revealed multiple non-restorable teeth that required extraction, grafting, and implants to restore function.

The patient completed an Accident Report Form when they arrived at the dental practice and was immediately identified as a medical billing patient.

A pre-auth was obtained before surgical treatment began.  The medical insurance, Aetna, paid 100% of the fees charged by the dental practice, for a total of $34,734.

This practice is contracted with most PPO dental plans. Had they not been set up and trained to bill medical insurance, not only would the patient have been required to pay out of pocket for all fees over his $1500 annual dental max, but the practice would have been subject to 25-40% in fee reduction, due to their dental PPO contracts.

Using Imagn software and billing services, medical billing saved this patient $33,000+ and increased the practice profit by $8500 and $13,000.  Why wouldn’t every dentist offer medical billing?

Week: 1/30

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