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March 06, 2023 5 mins read

TMD and Lightheadedness Success Story

A dentist educated a patient with TMD and lightheadedness, resulting in a $2,032.14 claim paid within 2 days with only $870.91 out of pocket for co-insurance.

TMD and Lightheadedness Success Story

In this Article

  • Amount Billed : $3,500
  • Amount Paid : $2,032.14
  • Insurance Carrier : Empire

This patient experienced frequent headaches and lightheadedness, this dentist was able to provide vital education to the patient regarding their TMD. When billed to medical insurance, this claim was processed and paid within 2 days for $2,032.14 out of the $2,903.04 allowed for the total $3,500 billed.

Billing medical insurance left the patient with only $870.91 out of pocket for co-insurance. 

TMD and Lightheadedness

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