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August 14, 2023 5 mins read

Standard Surgical Tooth Extraction Paid by Medical Insurance

Are you preparing for an standard surgical tooth extraction? Learn how a patient had a tooth extraction and their dentist billed medical insurance $5,339 and paid $2,806.21 after allowing $3,467.71.

Standard Surgical Tooth Extraction

In this Article

  • Amount Billed : $5,339 
  • Amount Paid: $2,806.21
  • Insurance Carrier : Highmark

Standard Surgical Tooth Extraction

While it may seem like a mundane treatment, this patient underwent the surgical extraction of a tooth following a routine examination and discussion about what to expect during extraction. 

Their dentist took advantage of billing medical insurance to limit the burden of cost on the patient. Medical insurance was billed $5,339 and paid $2,806.21 toward the treatment after allowing $3,467.71.

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