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July 14, 2023 5 mins read

Sleep Screening and Exam Paid in Full by Medical! 

A patient with daytime tiredness, general unwellness upon waking and breathing issues had an at-home sleep screening and paid in full for $6,700 billed to medical insurance.

Sleep Screening and Exam Paid

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  • Amount Billed : $6,700
  • Amount Paid : $6,700
  • Insurance Carrier : Meritain Health

Sleep Screening and Exam Paid

This sleep patient was seen by their dentist with complaints of daytime tiredness and general unwellness upon waking. They have had trouble breathing for years despite using breathing strips and over the counter mouth appliances. 

Their dentist completed an at home sleep screening and was able to educate the patient on potential OSA. 

The visit and sleep test were billed to medical insurance for $6,700 and paid in full! 

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