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March 01, 2023 5 mins read

Sleep Apnea Patient Success Story

A patient with sleep apnea was educated on the importance of treatment and successfully got medical insurance coverage for their OSA devices.

Sleep Apnea Patient Success Story

In this Article

  • Amount Billed : $2,750
  • Amount Paid : $2,110.97
  • Insurance Carrier : Regence Blueshield

This patient was educated on the importance of treating their OSA due to the potential risks if left untreated. She suffered from OSA, including snoring and frequently stopped breathing during sleep periods. 

Billing medical insurance for the OSA devices needed to treat this patient’s sleep apnea allowed them to get nearly full coverage, limiting the patient’s out of pocket expenses to just $372.52 out of the total $2,750 billed. 

Sleep Apnea Patient

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