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May 19, 2023 5 mins read

OSA Device Modifier Corrections Success Story

An OSA device required modifier corrections, resulting in a successful claim payment of $1,825.23 within 5 days out of $4,000 billed, with a coinsurance of $206.94.

OSA Device Modifier Corrections

In this Article

  • Amount Billed : $4,000
  • Amount Paid : $1,825.23
  • Insurance Carrier : Empire

OSA Device Modifier Corrections

Though this case for an OSA device required modifier corrections, the claim was processed within 5 days of the corrected claim and paid the provider $1,825.23 out of the $4,000 billed. This left the patient with just a coinsurance of $206.94 after the total allowed amount of $2,032.17!

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