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July 10, 2023 7 mins read

Multi-Symptom Sleep Screening Success Story

A patient with multiple sleep problems had a dental screening for snoring, pain, tiredness, and difficulty sleeping. Their medical insurance billed full $3800 and it paid $3,191.38.

Multi-Symptom Sleep Screening

In this Article

  • Amount Billed : $3,800
  • Amount Paid : $3,191.38 
  • Insurance Carrier : United Healthcare Empire Plan

Multi-Symptom Sleep Screening

This patient presented with a slew of problems stemming from poor sleep. They experienced snoring, head, neck, and jaw pain, daytime tiredness, and difficulty staying asleep. Of course, the patient was struggling with feeling well in the mornings. 

Their dentist completed a sleep screening for the patient and was able to bill medical insurance for the full $3,800 and it paid $3,191.38! 

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